Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We get what we pray for

In his message Sunday, my co-pastor, Ronnie Morgan mentioned a prayer Campus minister, Roy Weece would pray daily. Though I don't remember the exact wording, it was something like this. "Lord, bring three people my way today with whom I can share the love of Jesus."
The very next day He shared with me a story about a guy at the fitness center who spoke to him and told him about a doctor's report he had gotten telling him he had prostate cancer. Ronnie was able to speak comfort and encouragement to him right there and then.
I'd like to try out that prayer, but I'd be happy with just one person per day, at least to start with. (baby steps?)
I think so often we miss out on ministry opportunities because we have conditioned ourselves not to expect them. Therefore, they seldom happen. Perhaps if we changed what we expect; what we pray for, then we would see a change in the happenings of our daily experience. As for me, I'm all up for adventure, God-incidences, fortuity, God-winks, serendipity, blessing, happenstance. What ever you call it; bring it on!