My Books

Our Spiritual Walk: This book published in 2014 by Shipmate Press is a guide for spiritual growth by taking all the New Testament references that teach the Christian how to walk the pathway towards maturity and usefulness in the kingdom of God. This book is available on (Here is the link) 
Several e-book versions are now available on Here is the link.

Our Spiritual Inheritance: This book published in 2012 by Vision Publishing is a valuable guide for new Christians to learn all that they have inherited from God because they are children of God, joint heirs with Christ, and walking in step with the Holy Spirit. This book is available on, Barnes & Noble, Vision Publishing, and in several electronic formats in .
 Here is a link for a paperback copy:

Here is a link for an e-book copy:

A Place at My Father's Table: This devotional Guide of 89 devotional articles was compiled and published in 2010 by Lulu Publishers. It is available on, Barnes & Noble, and where you can also get an electronic copy of the book. Here is a link.

You're Old Enough to Know: Written by my wife, Susan Skidmore so she could share with her grandchildren what it means to know God.
Here is the link:


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PK Alele said...

Your books are powerful and have a very tremendous effect on me and other readers. Thank you for bringing the Word of God in a new dimension.