Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Truth Testers Video

We have just uploaded a new video to Youtube. It is a video called "Truth Testers". This is a skit we video recorded for the truth series which was a 4 week series on truth and lies. This video reviewed the four kinds of lies mentioned in the sermons. We looked at self lies, worldly lies, marital lies, and religious lies. These four examples are reviewed in the skit. Our thanks goes to the Lepage and Sayre kids as well as to Adam and Monica Hoffman. We also thank Richard Hamilton who video taped the skit and edited the results. Enjoy!

Here is the link:

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Break thou the bread of life video

Well well, two videos in one day! Here is another video I made and uploaded to Youtube. It uses an mp3 file of me singing all 4 parts of an old hymn entitled "Break thou the bread of life" This time it is sung acapella. Here is the link:

Be still my soul video on Youtube

I have just uploaded a new video to Youtube. It is a video of me singing a three part hymn called "Be still my soul" with guitar accompaniment. Take a look. Here is the link: