Saturday, July 26, 2014

Found a penny!

On my daily walk  today I found a penny. No big deal you say? Well, I found a penny yesterday, and a nickel the day before. I've found pens, pliers, screwdrivers, and once I even found two twenty dollar bills about a foot apart on the middle of the street.  So what's my point? I find stuff like this because I have trained myself to look for them while I take my exercise walk.  Finding little treasures is a bonus added to the health advantage of a 40 minute walk.  I'm discovering that finding little serendipitous discoveries is matter of training ourselves to look for them, and training our expectations to line up with our expanded vision. With the finding of little treasures I seem to have a new knack for finding more of them.  This makes my walk more fun and turns a calorie burn into an adventure. What I'm talking about here is in line with what Jesus taught about asking, seeking, and knocking on doors (Matthew 7:7). The implication of that teaching is that increased levels of asking, seeking, and knocking leads to increased receiving, finding, and opening doors. The finding of little treasures has improved my ability to spot them while on my walk. I'm improving in my seeking endeavors. What positive things are you willing to seek for today?  Perhaps God will grant a discovery in line with your expectation. The next time you take a walk why not be on the lookout for a penny. You might find it or some other little treasure if you will just watch for it.