Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome Home George W!

Yesterday was the inauguration day for our new president, but the highlight for me was not so much what happened in Washington D.C. as much as what happened right here in Texas. George W. Bush and Laura flew into Midland, Tx. where George gave a short speech to his friends in the town in which he grew up. I loved seeing the smile on his face, hearing his Texas drawl, and seeing his sideways glances at his loving wife as he spoke about making coffee for her the next morning. He is back in little ol' Crawford on his ranch. No longer hearing morning briefings on threats to our nations security. That's Obama's daily task now, and I'm sure that will sober him up quite a bit. But for George W. I say "Welcome home!" We loaned W. to the nation for a while, but he belongs to us here in Texas, and I'm glad to have him back. Just a thought. Ed

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Patientlywaiting said...

I agree, welcome home Mr. President. I will always be proud that he was our President for 8 years. I appreciated him as our Commander and Chief as well.