Thursday, January 29, 2009

Redeeming those fringe minutes

I listened to a podcast today as I took my walk and heard about a woman who hadn't finished high school but had earned a masters degree while driving to and from work for several years. She participated in a program which provided classes she could listen to on her car CD player. That caused me to think about the 30+ minutes I drive to and from work each day. What had I been doing with that time? The answer is, listening to a call-in talk radio station. While that may be an interesting diversion, I wondered what else I might be able to do with that two and a half hours of time each week. And for that matter, what about the other fringe minutes of my week when I am standing in line, sitting in a waiting room, waiting for food to arrive at a restaurant, etc. When I know I will be in a time killing situation I sometimes remember to take a book with me, and I want to kick myself when I forget.

The truth is that I haven't yet learned how to manage leftover minutes the way I would like. But I do have the tools to help with that task. I have tons of books, some CD's, and an mp3 player (3 actually) that can download podcasts and audio books. Furthermore, there's always the possibility of Bible reading and prayer. Plus I have an admonition from scripture to "redeem the time for the days are evil." (Eph. 5:16). Perhaps this new year would be good timing for improving my usage of those leftover minutes to greater advantage. What a thought! Ed

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