Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blessed beyond measure!

I am blessed. Let's face it. I am just flat out blessed! Consider these blessings:

  • I live in the best place I could possibly live. San Antonio, Texas has got to be just about the best place anyone could possibly choose. The weather here is warm and sunny most of the time. I can golf 12 months out of the year. I live close enough to the coast to visit the beach when I want, but far enough away from it to never have to worry about Hurricanes. I don't live on a fault line so no worries about earthquakes. This isn't a tornado alley ether. What a blessing! I live in a nice home that only cost me $49 a square foot. My house payment is less than $650 per month. Try that in L.A., Seattle, or New York.

  • I am blessed to be the minister of the best church congregation in the world. They have allowed me to minister among them for over 24 years! That has to be better than average. I am surrounded by a supportive and fun loving staff and fellow ministers who make my work a pleasure every day. I respect and admire the elders of my church, appreciate the hard working deacons, enjoy the members of my two pueblo (Bible study) groups, and thoroughly enjoy the fellowship of all the members of my congregation. I actually look forward to Sundays because each week feels like a family reunion. Only heaven itself could possibly be any better than this!

  • I am blessed to be happily married for 36 years to the best wife anyone could possibly hope for, I have two wonderful grown daughters I am proud of, two sons-in-law I actually enjoy being around, four grand children I am crazy about and who love their papa Ed.

  • Both my wife and I are blessed to still have our parents living and in relatively good health. The only thing we could wish for is for them to live closer to us.

  • I am blessed to be out of debt except for a mortgage payment, and to have sufficient resources to pay bills and even save for retirement. I am even blessed enough to be able to be generous to others. How good is that!

  • I am blessed to belong to a powerful and loving God who has revealed his power and loving-kindness abundantly. He has also revealed his plans for me and all who share in his promise to his bride. I have a rich heritage, and with my brothers and sisters I shout, "Lord come quickly!"

Just a thought, and a blessed thought at that. Ed

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