Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Church Web Site & Podcasts

The Castle Hills Christian Church has a new web site up with the following address: The old web address still works and will direct you to the new site. The old address is I'm mentioning this not only for connecting to the new site, but also to let you know about connecting with pod casts of sermons at our church. The new web site will connect you to Apple I-Tunes so that you can download a subscription to the latest podcast. Unfortunately, if you don't already have I-Tunes loaded on your hard drive of your computer, it will require you to download I-Tunes. There is another way. You can use this link to find our pod casts on a sight called Pod bean. Here is the link: This will take you directly to the site which we upload our pod casts to and listen to them right there. So take your pick. Either go to our web page and link to I-tunes, or go directly to and listen to our pod casts of sermons there. I hope this makes sense. Ed

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