Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spreading Aids via Medical Clinics

I remember visiting a medical clinic in the Masai region of Kenya back in '94. The medical missionary, Suzie Snyder, mentioned to me that patients to the clinic insist on getting an injection no matter what is wrong with them. Therefore, the clinic keeps on hand Vitamin B12 to use for the often requisite injections which could be called "slightly better than placebo" medications. I remembered that little tidbit last week when I read a chapter entitled "Population Control while People Die" in the book, Population Control, by Steven W. Mosher.

He asserts that one of the worst areas for the spread of Aids in Africa is the area of Sub Saharan Africa where 35 of the 45 worst affected countries are located. This area is home to 70% of the people infected with the virus and 80% of the children. For example, in Kenya in 2002 one in 7 people were infected with the Aids virus. (4 million out of the 28 million population of Kenya) Over 1.5 million orphans of Aids victims in Kenya have no parental presence or protection.

Guess what is causing the Aids epidemic in Africa according to Mosher's book? The UN funded Population Control/Aids clinics are the cause of the problem. How could that be? Is it a diabolical plot on the part of the Population Control zealots? No, it is a simple matter of poorly funded clinics in rural areas that don't bother with the sterilizing procedures typically carried out here in the US. There aren't enough sterile syringes available so needles are commonly reused over and over again without proper sterilization. Add to that the propensity for patients to desire injections of some sort to assure that their visit to the clinic did them some good, and you have a prescription for assuring that many who visit the clinic will wind up testing positive for Aids sooner or later. One odd statistical anomaly is that in these areas women are twice as likely to end up testing positive as men. They are also twice as likely to visit the UN funded clinics as men.

Quoting Mosher, "The elephant in the drawing room is unsafe injection, 'A growing body of evidence points to unsafe injections and other medical exposures to contaminated blood as pathways that have not yet been adequately addressed' (Gisselquist and Potterat). The risk of infection with the HIV virus from a contaminated medical injection - which has been estimated at one in 30 - is 33 times higher than the risk from heterosexual sex."

The bottom line is that the Billions of Dollars spent by the UN to fight AIDS and fund anti birth programs in Africa has produced more harm than good. Sadly, the proponents of these programs are completely blind to the harm they are doing. In their minds, the problem is not dirty needles but promiscuous heterosexual men. And since they don't see their part in the AIDS epidemic, they are unlikely to change anything they are doing. Just a thought. Ed

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