Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Audio files available on 3 web sites

I was updating my written and audio sermon contributions to www.sermoncentral.com where my contributions are available under the contributor name K. Edward Skidmore. I had been uploading audio files to go with recent sermon text files, and I hit a button that said "free podcasts". Well, that took me to a site called sermon.net with the following link http://sermon.net/castlehillscc, and lo and behold, there were copies of my audio files. I didn't realize that uploading mp3 files to Sermon Central also uploaded them to the other site as well. This means that along with our own church web site www.castlehillschristianchurch.com where mp3 files are available of all recent sermons by all four ministers at CHCC, there are two other sites where my audio messages can also be found. You might want to see for yourself. Just a thought.

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