Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What shall we choose to save?

These are strange times. Paradigms are being shifted at a pace beyond imagination. In the old days people worked feverishly to save the souls of sinners, but now we work up a sweat to save whales and baby seals. Meanwhile we discard pre-born baby humans like yesterday's paper.

Gone are the days of saving green stamps. Today we are recycling trash in order to save land fills. Meanwhile we discard everything electronic because it is cheaper to replace than to repair.

We no longer save pop bottles to return for deposit (except in a few states), but we do recycle glass bottles with no monetary return for our efforts. Meanwhile, certain company's will pay cash for used phones, but our drawers are running over with phone discards anyway.

These days, to save our planet, we are feeding cows special additives to cut down on flatulence and burps (I kid you not), and though we are still drinking carbonated beverages, we are now pumping carbon dioxide gas (our newest designated pollutant du jour) into sealed cavities under ground so that we can hope to attain agreed upon green house gas levels before a certain pre- determined date. Never mind that without carbon dioxide plants could not live and our planet would become completely dead in short order.

Currently, we are becoming increasingly known for what we choose to save and what we choose to discard. Personally, I think our modern day, politically correct, notions are so far off base as to be laughable. If it weren't for the feverish effort and energy we somberly expend on saving things (often the wrong things) we could sit back, take a second look, and have a good chuckle at the idiocy they will no doubt look back and see a hundred years from now, when looking at our current weird and wacky days. Meanwhile, to save our planet, I urge you to buy a family size bottle of Beano so you can prevent yourself from releasing gaseous pollutants into our air, and by the way, stop breathing as well; after all, that is carbon dioxide you are exhaling. Just a thought.

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