Saturday, June 6, 2009

Staying Connected....for Them

My adorable grandkids:

I'll be having a 59th birthday in August which would probably put me in the last third to last fourth of my lifespan depending on variables, some of which I have little or no control over. So far, my life has been something I can look back on with joy and thanksgiving. Some of that joy came from decisions I made and paths I chose to take. Much of it came from people I have met and other meaningful connections in my life. A good portion of it came from living in a country that allows freedoms unprecedented in the rest of the world's nations. I have been a citizen of a nation that has allowed freedom to chart my own course, to live where I wish, to travel without restrictions, to save and invest in what I choose, to think what ever may come to my mind, to speak my mind freely, to write without fear of reprisal, to learn what I want, to teach what I want, to believe what I want. So far, I have been allowed, by a largely hands-off government, to live in peace and make my own life.

It would be easy to shrug my shoulders at this point and assume that the ride is nearly over for me anyway so what does it matter what the future may hold? I can hunker down and just take passively what ever may come my way from this point on. But the problem is that I have children and grand children in my world now. Their ride is still in the early stages. They have a long way to go before things will be over for them. What ever this world throws at them will impact them for many years to come. For that very reason I cannot allow myself to develop complacency about the way things are trending. I want the same kind of nation I have enjoyed for nearly 60 years to be the same land of freedom and opportunity my kids and grand kids could enjoy. Therefore, I cannot just hold my tongue while this nation slides into the slough of socialism, government over-reaching, antipathy toward religion, onerous taxation, an avalanche of freedom-choking regulations, class and racial warfare, political correctness, environmental bullying and shaming, and the notion that a few elites know best what should be done for the rest of us unwashed.

Therefore, though it may pain me to stay connected to the daily "goings on" in my world; though politics these days seems to leave a bad taste in my mouth; though it would be more enjoyable to move to a small country home and tend to the needs of a few animals and ignore the world around me; I will stay plugged in... for them. I will speak up... for them. I will carry protest signs, go to "TEA parties", write blogs, send e-mails, vote, urge others to vote, cry, pray, sing, and do anything else my body can still do for the time I have left... for them!


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